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Discover the Labrador Pioneer Footpath

Walk where the first pioneers walked 9,000 years ago, not long after the coastline of Labrador emerged from a massive ice shield, the last Ice Age.

Two distinct Indigenous cultures came to occupy this new land. From the west came the Innu. From the north, the Inuit. Over millennia they adapted to the local environment and thrived. They continue to occupy Labrador today, and they remain distinct.

In more recent times — the past 500 years — European whalers and fishers established lucrative commercial enterprises along the coast. Those seasonal ventures lead to the first year-round settlement of the region in the early 1800s.

Hike our historic coast along the Labrador Pioneer Footpath.


About the Footpath Trail

The Labrador Pioneer Footpath (the "Footpath") is a coastal hiking route connecting communities along the southern coast of Labrador. Historically it was the route of land travel between communities. Over time, and with the emergence of motorized travel, the original route has been in some places lost -- either reclaimed by nature, or replaced by modern development. Today attempts are being made to re-established the route as a safe hiking trail for outdoor enthusiasts.


Go All-in or Take it Easy

An experienced backpack hiker can tackle the trail as a single journey, finding suitable camp spots along the way. Or you can take a more leisurely approach and embark on a day walk from one of the community trail heads accessible along Route 510.


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