Community Hub

Location: E.M. Taylor Resource Centre, Forteau
Contact: Russell Hancock, SLDA - see our Contact Us page.

The Community Hub at Forteau is one of 17 Hubs established by Memorial University in cooperation with local partners. These hubs are community spaces where people can access the Internet, technology, and a place to work, study, or collaborate.

Community Hub

Continuing education, ESL particularly for new Canadians, and a wide range of courses such as music lessons, online safety and protocol courses, use of computer software, arts & crafts, etc. are opportunities for individuals and small groups. Individuals, businesses and groups who need to complete an online course can now arrange to do so at the Community Hub.

Businesses and groups may also avail of the services for virtual meetings and training.

The Hub is available for students to continue their studies through courses, research studies and other required work.

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