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The Senior Services Office is a resource centre that caters to the specific needs of seniors in the Labrador Straits region. We provide assistance in the completion of various applications, such as grant programs, medical transportation, and home repair.

In addition, we organize community events for seniors in the area, create opportunities for socialization and engagement. From applications to event planning, the Senior Services Office is committed to improving the lives of seniors in our community.

Some of the services we can assist with are:

  • Provide access to federal and provincial services such as Canada Pension Plan, Employment Insurance, Provincial Home Repair Program
  • Aid in completing Medical Transportation Assistance Program (MTAP) applications
  • Provide assistance completing most online forms/documents
  • Organize social and physical events for seniors in the region

The Seniors Services Office is a focal point in making communities "age-friendly" by providing
access to medical/health services, social participation, inclusion, recreation and much more!

Visit the Contact Us page to connect with the Senior Services Office and see the Community Calendar for events and activities.


Medical Transportation Assistance Program

The Medical Transportation Assistance Program (MTAP) provides financial assistance for local residents who travel for medical care.

The Seniors Services Office can assist you with applications.

More information: MTAP - Things to Know Before You Go (PDF).

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