SLDA Membership


There are five classes of membership for the SLDA:

  • Municipality/Unincorporated Community
  • Business
  • Organization
  • Honorary Member
  • Individual

Individual: $10/year
Business or Organization: $100/year

APPLY TODAY! Local businesses, organizations and individuals are encouraged to join our Association and help build a better region.

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More About Membership

All individuals, organizations and businesses within the area L'Anse au Clair to Red Bay are eligible for membership in the association. An application for membership is made to the office of the SLDA, and becomes effective upon approval by the Board of Directors and payment of the designated membership fee. Each business member and organization member appoints a representative to speak and vote on their behalf.

All municipalities, along with the unincorporated communities of L'Anse Amour and Captan Island, are eligible for membership in the association. Membership become effective upon payment of the designated membership fee. Each municipality/community appoints a representative to speak and vote on its behalf.

Honourary members are appointed by the Board of Directors from time to time, in recognition of their long term support and contributions to the association.

Every member is entitled to vote at general meetings. The SLDA holds at least one general meeting each year, an Annual General Meeting (AGM).

The association is governed by a Board of Directors that may include:

  • Eight community representatives.
  • Three representatives of businesses and organizations who are members of the assocation.
  • Two Directors at Large, who are individual members of the association.

Board members are elected at an AGM, and serve a term of two or three years. The Board meets on a monthly basis.


Current Directors & Members

Board of Directors

  • Gilbert Linstead (LFUSCL) - President
  • Hedley Ryland (LAL) - 1st Vice-President
  • Douglas Robbins (LSHDC) - 2nd Vice-President
  • Terry Hancock (Forteau) — Secretary/Treasurer
  • Abigail Elliott (LAC)
  • Suzette Marshall (WSM)
  • Michelle Rumbolt (AECU)
  • Stefanie Kao-Fowler (At Large)
  • Catherine Pye (At Large)
Municipality Members
  • L'Anse au Clair
  • Forteau
  • L'Anse au Loup
  • West St. Modeste
  • Pinware
  • Red Bay
Communities Without Representation
  • Capstan Island
  • L'Anse Amour

Business Members

  • Atlantic Edge Credit Union
  • Buckles Woodwork & Cabinetry
  • C&T Enterprises
  • Christophers Trucking
  • Cohens Home Furnishing
  • Cal LeGrow Insurance
  • Diversified Supply & Rentals Inc
  • Earles Grocery
  • H & F Design
  • Hancock's Woodwork Inc (Timbermart)
  • Jim's Garage
  • Labrador Fishermen's Shrimp Company
  • Northern Light Inn
  • RSK Grocery
  • Take Me There Tours
  • Thomas's Coastal Construction
  • Turnbull's Home Hardware
Organization Members
  • Community Youth Network
  • Labrador Straits Arena Regional Recreation Committee
  • Labrador Straits Historical Development Corporation
Honorary Members
  • Deb Barney
  • Chastity Butt
  • George Fowler
  • Joe Fowler
  • Aggie Cabot
  • Wanita Stone
  • Philip Bridle

Individual Members

  • Kayla Beals
  • Kenneth Belben
  • Laura Belben
  • Beryl Belbin
  • Marlene Belbin
  • Wilson Belbin
  • Walter Bolger
  • Anthony Butt
  • Cecil Butt
  • Mary Ellen Butt
  • Clarence Cabot
  • Terry Casey
  • Chester Davis
  • Jeffrey Davis
  • Kaitlyn Davis
  • Karen Davis
  • Dalton Earle
  • Wyman Earle
  • Arthur Fowler
  • Dorman Fowler
  • Reg Fowler
  • Morenda French
  • Stephanie Kao-Fowler
  • Bonnie Goudie
  • John Groves
  • Cynthia Hancock
  • April James
  • Normand Jones
  • Jason Jones
  • Kudzaishe Alois Manenji
  • Rose Mary Lee
  • Conrad Linstead
  • Melvin Linstead
  • Roseann Linstead
  • Bruce Moores
  • Didier Nalleau
  • Corilee Normore
  • Kevin Normore
  • Laquita Normore
  • Megan Normore
  • Morley Normore
  • Nadine Normore
  • Tyrone Normore
  • Johnny Oates
  • George Odell
  • Myrtle Payne
  • Catherine Pye
  • Sam Payne
  • Mark Peach
  • Enis Pope
  • Pauline Roberts (Alasteir)
  • Ronalyn Roque
  • Neil Rowsell
  • Agatha Ryland
  • Boyd Ryland
  • Cecil Ryland
  • Gary Ryland
  • Andrew Saulter
  • Gary Snow
  • Bette Wellman
  • Ward Wellman

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