Roseann Linstead

Roseann Linstead
Roseann Linstead (larger version)

Program Manager, SLDA

Roseann contributes her creativity and innovative ideas, backed by over 30 years of experience across private, public, municipal, and community sectors along with a strong background as a dedicated volunteer. As the program manager, she is a vital part of SLDA's Welcoming Communities Strategy project in the Labrador Straits, where our goal is to enhance social and economic conditions.

Collaborating with a dedicated SLDA team and a valuable volunteer planning group, we are addressing various aspects like demographics, housing, transportation, healthcare, recreation, employment, and more to create a more welcoming environment for a more inclusive and thriving community for everyone. With a proactive approach, Roseann is fostering partnerships with local entities to foster collaboration, explore innovative solutions, leverage regional strengths, and craft strategies to maximize existing resources for future growth.

SLDA's proactive approach through this and other projects is not only shaping the present but also laying a solid foundation for sustained growth and development in the Labrador Straits.

Contact Roseann by phone 709-699-5665 or email

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