SLDA Projects

Labrador Pioneer Footpath Project

The Labrador Pioneer Footpath is an existing system of five hiking trails that extends from L'Anse au Clair to Pinware. The SLDA is working to improve and extend the trails, and join with the national Trans Canada Trail system.

Read more about the Labrador Pioneer Footpath.


Labrador Straits Welcoming Communities Strategy

The purpose of the proposed project is to address the concerning demographic state of the Labrador Straits and the accompanying labour problem being faced by area businesses.

Read more about the Welcoming Communities Strategy.


Seniors Services Office & Age Friendly Community Program

The Seniors Services Office is a 2-year pilot project funded by International Grenfell Association (IGA) and Southern Labrador Development Association (SLDA). The office is located at the E.M. Taylor Resource Centre in Forteau and is owned by SLDA. The Seniors Services Office has been in operation since October of 2021 and continues to work closely with local senior's groups and older adults in the region. We provide various information and services, along with recreation programs, to seniors in the Labrador Straits region. Some of the services we can assist with are:

  • Provide access to federal and provincial services such as Canada Pension Plan, Employment Insurance, Provincial Home Repair Program
  • Aid in completing Medical Transportation Assistance Program (MTAP) applications
  • Provide assistance completing most online forms/documents
  • Organize social and physical events for seniors in the region

The Seniors Services Office is a focal point in making communities "age-friendly" by providing
access to medical/health services, social participation, inclusion, recreation and much more!

Age-Friendly Community Program

The Age-Friendly Community Program works in conjunction with the Seniors Services Office. The program is guided by a committee that represents all communities in our region.

The first activity undertaken by the Committee was a community assessment to determine the current level of "friendliness". A presentation of the results of this survey is linked below.

Additional activities undertaken by the Committee are outlined in the report below.

For further information about the Seniors Services Office or the Age Friendly Community Program contact:

Aimee Buckle
Tel: (709) 931-2675

Funding Proposals

The SLDA has prepared funding proposals for the Age Friendly Community Program and the Seniors Services Office to allow continued operations in the future.


SLDA Website/Organizational Review Project

In April 2022, SLDA acquired funding of $32 500 from Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency and the NL Department of Industry, Energy, and Technology for a website development & organizational review project.

Without a website SLDA has been lacking an online presence. The new website is intended to, not only promote the interests of SLDA, but also promote businesses and associations, municipalities, and all communities in the Labrador Straits. The website development has been awarded to Labrador Data, Forteau, NL.

In addition to the new website, SLDA is also undergoing a rebranding of its logo. The new logo will be more representative of the work of SLDA and the communities it serves.

Organizational Review

The Memorandum of Understanding, Articles of Association, and Policy Manual for SLDA were developed many years ago and now need to address a broader and inclusive membership. Amendments have been made in governing documents to reflect the new governing structure, but professional expertise is required to review these documents. KDP Consulting of Toronto has been engaged to review all governance and organizational documents. These new documents are now being considered at the office level and will be prepared for the membership for the next general meeting.


Farmers & Crafts Market

The Farmers & Craft Market Project was a short-term project that extended from July 1, 2022, to October 31, 2022. The project consisted of a series of three regional markets held in the communities of L'Anse au Clair, West St. Modeste, and L'Anse au Loup. The project was made possible by funding from ACOA under the Rediscovering Main Streets Program. The markets were very well attended with significant positive feedback from area residents.

Final Report for Farmers and Craft Market (PDF)


Community Hub

SLDA has signed a 2-year partnership agreement with Memorial University for the purpose of establishing a community hub at the E.M. Taylor Resource Centre. The intent is to respond to a broad range of community programming and learning needs throughout the Labrador Straits region. Individuals and groups that may require use of high-speed internet technology and equipment may now avail of these services through the community hub project.

Continuing education, ESL particularly for new Canadians, and a wide range of courses such as music lessons, online safety and protocol courses, use of computer software, arts & crafts, etc could be available opportunities for individuals and small groups. Individuals, businesses, and groups who need to do any type of online courses can now make arrangements to complete any such courses at the community hub.

Businesses, organizations, and other groups will have the opportunity for virtual meetings and training purposes. Tenants that presently have office space in our building and serve the community would be better positioned to provide their services. Tenants include 3 provincial government offices, a financial services office, Service Canada satellite, Association of New Canadians, and our Seniors Services office.

Most importantly, the hub will be available for student s to continue studies through course work, research studies, and other university/college required work.


Regional Community Garden

Funding requests for expansion and improvements to the regional garden have been made to ACOA under the Canada Community Revitalization Program for $57 600 and the International Grenfell Association for $15 000.

It is now confirmed with signed agreements that ACOA has approved our funding request for $57 600. A decision on the IGA funding request is expected by spring, 2023.

Funding will be used to make improvements to the existing garden, expand the garden for additional users, and to construct and prepare raised garden boxes. Garden boxes will allow for more crop variety and make it easier for seniors to plant and care for their vegetables.

SLDA plans to consult with existing and prospective gardeners to ensure the regional garden facility will be used and administered in an efficient, fair, sustainable, and productive manner.