Welcoming Communities Strategy


The purpose of the proposed project is to address the concerning demographic state of the Labrador Straits and the accompanying labour problem being faced by area businesses. Unless strategic action is undertaken, there may well be serious consequences in the not-too-distant future. The time is now to look to ways to reverse the pattern of population statistics and strengthen the labour pool to build and maintain a strong local economy.

The project proposes a two-fold approach:

  1. Assess community infrastructure with a view to making our communities more welcoming, accommodating places for newcomers and visitors. For example, health services and housing are two areas that appear to be concerns. Promoting the strengths of our communities, encouraging inclusiveness for all people of all ages, and building on areas of community that need improvement will be a major starting point towards a more welcoming and age friendly community. This will involve collaborating with municipalities, the existing Age Friendly Community Committee and Seniors Services Office, Association for New Canadians, and other groups to work towards a higher level of welcoming and age friendly community structure in the Labrador Straits
  2. Engage with the business community, Association for New Canadians, and other stakeholders for the purpose of attracting, recruiting, and retaining new Canadians to the Labrador Straits. The business community may need to be more aware of resources and opportunities that may be available, and individual employers could be assisted with process of recruiting capable and suitable candidates for job opportunities.

The project is designed as a partnership effort with participation and contributions from the International Grenfell Association, Government of Newfoundland & Labrador, Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency, local partners and the SLDA.

Welcoming Communities Strategy

Introducing... The Labrador Straits Welcoming Communities Strategy project.

We will be working together with communities, businesses, organizations and stakeholders for social and economic betterment.

Addressing the concerning demographics in the area. Working towards strengthening the labour pool to build and maintain a strong local economy here in the Labrador Straits region.

Focus Groups

Collaborate to identify and assess strengths and weaknesses in the region; research, develop and recommend revitalizing strategies.

Connect with us to learn more about being a part of, and help build our Focus Groups.


Project Approach for Social and Economic Betterment

Transportation & Infrastructure

Identify transportation, infrastructure, and housing needs; consider innovative ways to enhance and expand our current resources.

Demographics & Labour Market

Address the concerning demographics and labour challenges; work towards strengthening and maintaining a strong local economy.

Inclusion, Diversity, Welcoming

Identify barriers and deterrents; explore opportunities and seek pathways. Promote attractions, and uniqueness here in the Labrador Straits region.


Traveling Ambassador

The Welcoming Communities Strategy is sponsoring a Traveling Ambassador to welcome visitors travelling to Labrador on the Strait of Belle Isle ferry.